Hunter Industries designs and manufactures new and replacement Multiclones. Multiclones are also commonly called Mechanical Collectors, Mechanical Dust Collectors, Multi Tube Dust Collectors, Multi Cyclone Dust Collectors, or Multi Tube Cyclone Dust Collectors.

Hunter Collectors capture very high efficiency levels of Particulates (PM), Dust or Fly Ash for a variety of Applications & Industries and are widely used in today’s Air Pollution Control and Environmental processes as Pre-Cleaners, Product Recovery Devices or Secondary Air Pollution Control Units.

  • Hunter Multiclone designs include S Model standard array configurations and A Model maintenance friendly configurations.
  • Construction is available in Carbon Steel, Corten, Stainless Steel, and High Brinell Hardness AR materials for operating conditions up to approximately 750 F.
  • Collectors offered include standard tube sizes of 6 inch, 9 inch, 12 inch and 24 inch diameter. Collector sizes available include 1,000 ACFM to 1,000,000 ACFM.

We also supply OEM Multiclone Parts and offer extensive Engineering assistance.

Hunter Industries is committed to customer service. Our customer service emphasis includes responsiveness, attention to design, process and application detail. We are focused on quality, quality manufacturing, and proactive management of all our projects from inception to delivery.

Most Parts & Accessories are shipped from stock or shipped from inventory!


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